Visual Studio

Visual Studio

This guide walks you through the steps required to use AskJarvis in Visual Studio 2019

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Visual Studio

1. Click "Extensions"

2. Click "Manage Extensions"

3. Click "Search (Ctrl+E)"

4. Type "AskJarvis"

5. Click "_Download"

6. Click "Close" and close all the instance of Visual Studio

7. Click "Modify"

8. Click "Close"

9. Click "Visual Studio 2019"

10. Click "AskJarvisDemo.sln

11. AskJarvis login page opens automatically in your browser, login with your details.

12. Type "Program to add two arrays" or any program of your choice.

13. Select all your question

14. Right Click on selected text, Click "Syntax Generator"

15. Click "Text Editor"

16. Type "Program to find longest substring in a string without"

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